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Voice Services

Voice Services Voice Services
PRI Line

PRI Line

Give your business and communication a pivotal boost with industry-first SLA-backed Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service by Tata, delivered together with APL Techno. The PRI provides 30 voice channels on a single link with the capability of upscaling the number of channels as per requirement, plus the added feature that allows it to be configured as incoming, outgoing or two-way communication channels.

SIP Connection SIP Connectivity
Facial Recognisaition AI

SIP Connection

Tata’s industry-first SLA-backed Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk, provided together with APL Techno, is an advanced Voice Connectivity product with the best-in-class IP solution. It replaces multiple fixed PSTN lines with a single physical link that can support upto 1500 simultaneous calls. The SIP Trunk reduces the cost of multiple lines, maintenance, as well as hardware requirements for multiple PRI ports. It also helps in overcoming issues related to scalability, maintenance and convergence.