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ERP / CRM Solution


ERP Solutions


SAGE ERP, together with its leading distributor partner APL Techno, is the best and surest resource to integrate day-to-day business processes. It helps business leaders streamline company operations, whilst also providing real-time business insights that makes devising data-driven strategy smarter and easier. From HR and accounting to inventory management, SAGE ERP makes the flow of information between business machines secure, infallible, and comprehensive, identifying improvements and consolidating strengths.

  • Streamline key process

  • Keep cost down

  • Increase productivity

  • Future-proof your business


As a preferred partner of The Sage Group plc, APL Techno provides the entire suite of Sage CRM services that drives and enhances customer experience to a whole new level. SAGE CRM enables improved business decision-making processes, drives revenues and curbs inefficiencies of small, medium, and large sized businesses. APL Techno rendered Sage CRM is the first choice to automate Lead Management, Sales and Opportunity Management, thus paving the way for maximising inherent potential, whilst also allowing to make the most of all possibilities.

  • Gain Reliable insight

  • Better understand your customer

  • Collaborate effectively

  • Accelerate team performance

CRM Solution